LG Shows Outlandishly Thin HDTV, More Coolness

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Behold, the thinnest HDTV we've ever seen. This one's LED backlit, 6.9mm thin with a nearly invisible 10mm bezel, and earned our awe at LG's early morning presser at CES 2010.

Take a look at the glamor shots of this crispy screen, along with lots of other announcements from LG.

Highlights: Dozens of TVs will now be wireless HDMI-ready with the addition of a tiny attachment, affectionately known as a dongle; 240Hz TVs are so last decade, de rigueur is 480Hz, and whoa, it was looking good and smooth; LG expands the 3D club with projectors and TVs sporting the gimmicky new format; a nifty cellphone with a projector on board — all that and more in this gallery:

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