“Let Me In” Trailer Hits, May Make “Let the Right One” Fans Feel Conflicted

The adolescent vampire film "Let the Right One In" was an instant classic pretty much everywhere it was shown. So when word broke that it was being remade here in America, there was a disturbance in The Force that put many film fans on edge.

Now we've got our first look at "Let Me In," which opens Oct. 1, and we're feeling very conflicted. As a fan of the original, its hard to watch this trailer and not think, "It's not as good."

But let's give the trailer its due: if we lived in a world where "Let the Right One In" didn't exist, this would be unequivocally intriguing.

The cast is as good as you could assemble for such a project. Chloe Moretz has given two very good performances in two very different films, first as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's little sister in "(500) Days of Summer" and then as Hit Girl in "Kick-Ass." Kodi Smit-McPhee's work in "The Road" inspired co-star Viggo Mortenson to call him "an alien" -- it was meant as a compliment.

Add to that Elias Koteas, who is often the best actor on any screen he graces, and Richard Jenkins, who has the perfect demeanor to play Abby's companion, and you've got the acting under control.

"Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves helming and writing this version has caused some concern, but there's nothing in the trailer to suggest he's lost totally lost the plot or feel, so we're gonna keep trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

All that said, if you haven't seen "Let the Right One In," do so -- ideally before you see "Let Me In."

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