DiCaprio Ready for J. Edgar Hoover, But Hold the Dress – for Now

Leo DiCaprio has confirmed he is "in talks" with director Clint Eastwood to star as notorious FBI boss. J. Edgar Hoover. And the film will cover the shadowy personal life of the controversial historical figure. That leaves one big question.

In a press conference Friday for his latest film, "Inception," DiCaprio pointed out that the project "Is about the secret life of J Edgar Hoover" and that it "will cover his personal life, definitely."

But the million dollar question -- will Leo DiCaprio cross-dress, allegedly a favorite pursuit of the off-hours FBI honcho?

"Will I wear a dress? Not as of yet," DiCaprio said at a press conference for his latest film "Inception."

"We haven't done the fittings for that."

But DiCaprio sounds excited about the role: "J. Edgar Hoover had his hand in some of the most scandalous events in U.S. history, everything from the Vietnam War to Martin Luther King and JFK."

As for DiCaprio's pull towards darker roles such as his murky character in "Inception," (opening July 16) and his last film, "Shutter Island"

"These films that are dark at times," he said. "I find them extremely exciting to do."

That kind of attitude will come in handy portraying Hoover, whether he's wearing a dress or not. But frankly, we need the dress.

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