Capitol Riot

Lawyer Says He Believes Trump Knew Electoral College Plot Was Illegal

Trump wanted his vice president to refuse to count the electoral votes

(Saul Loeb/Pool via AP, File)

Donald Trump apparently knew his scheme to try to force Mike Pence to disregard the Electoral College results electing Joe Biden president was against the law, the general counsel for Pence testified.

Greg Jacob was asked in videotaped testimony whether John Eastman, a lawyer working with the former president, ever admitted in front of Trump that his proposal would violate the Electoral Count Act.

“I believe he did, on the 4th,” Jacob responded.

The testimony was shown as Thursday's Jan. 6 House hearing got underway.

"That was Jan. 4th, two days before the attack on Congress," noted Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the House committee.

In the end, Pence withstood Trump's pressure and decided that as vice president he did not have the constitutional authority to do what Trump wanted.

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