New Laws for 2012: Vomit Cleanup Fee, Arrest Warrant by Fax

Other laws prohibit the release of feral hogs in Kentucky and selling foie gras in California

Feral Hog Backlash

States across America are beginning to enforce the latest round of new laws, some of which might raise your eyebrows.

Among the more unusual new laws set to take effect over the next month are: that cab drivers can charge a $50 vomit cleanup fee in Illinois; a law prohibiting the release of feral hogs in Kentucky; and a law allowing a concealed weapons permit to count as a valid substitute for a driver's license at polls in Virginia.

In Idaho, police can now issue arrest warrants via fax. Vermonters younger than 18 are barred from using tanning beds, CNN reported. Own an ATV? Don't try driving it without a license plate in Wisconsin.

In California, a foie gras ban means any restaurant caught selling the French delicacy faces a $1,000 fine for each day they continue to violate it, NBC Los Angeles reported. The law is the first of its kind in the U.S. to crack down on the force feeding of geese and ducks, according NBCLA. 

Residents of Minnesota who own certain types of aquatic invasive plant or animals will face a stiffer penalty if they’re caught.

The state of Nevada, in an effort to close their revenue gap, passed a law splitting unclaimed casino winnings with the casinos rather than letting the casinos absorb them, CNN reported.

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