Neil Patrick Harris: Why You Should Watch ‘Best Time Ever'

Neil Patrick Harris sat down with Seth Meyers on “Late Night” on Thursday night to talk about his upcoming show “Best Time Ever”, which will air on NBC.

“This is a show filled with variety,” Harris said.

But the show won’t be a traditional song-and-dance or sketch comedy show.

“There’s lots of music stuff, game and play elements, hidden camera stuff, pranking.”

Harris said every episode will be different and each show will be live.

The show will feature segments involving unsuspecting audience members. Harris said he will pull someone up on stage and reveal that he’s been in disguise for weeks or months leading up to the show.

“We only succeed if they know that nothing has ever happened,” he said.

The show will also feature a series of guest announcers. Reese Witherspoon will be the first one filling in the announcer’s chair.

“Best Time Ever” premieres Tuesday Sept. 15 on NBC.

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