Kristen Wiig Tackles Her New Peyton Manning Act on ‘Tonight Show'

Wiig, former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, was on "Tonight" to promote the “Zoolander” sequel

Kristen Wiig appeared Thursday on the “Tonight Show” decked out in football gear and a Peyton Manning jersey for her role as the Denver Broncos' quarterback. 

“I’m still so tired from Sunday,” said Wiig, pretending to be Manning after winning the Super Bowl. “I tried so hard.”

Wiig, former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, was ostensibly there to promote the “Zoolander” sequel, where she plays the part of Alexanya Atoz, a villainous accomplice to Will Ferrell's Mugatu. Wiig’s character has oversized lips and an intricate hairstyle that cost the actress hours in the prep room everyday she had to play the part, according to E! Online.

Host Jimmy Fallon asked Wiig’s Manning persona what were her thoughts during the last few seconds of the game.

“I’m thinking, I’m so far from the line and I have to get this ball to the guy,” she said.

Fallon asked her to remind him of the final score. She chalked it up to 14-6. And during a game of “Rapid Fire Round,” Wiig said that Manning’s favorite pre-game meal is French fries and toast and that his favorite yoga pose is upward dog.

Fallon continued to press the supposed Manning and asked for a true quarterback’s demonstration of football mastery. He asked Wiig to throw a golden football through a hole, which she failed at by a long shot.

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