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Krispy Kreme Reveals Four New Doughnuts For Valentine's Day

The love-themed doughnuts come with their own Valentine's Day cards

The new Valentine’s Day doughnut collection comes in a box designed with built-in pop-out Valentine cards.
Krispy Kreme

There’s not a whole lot to be excited about lately, and that makes looking forward to Valentine’s Day feel extra important. What better time to take a break from stress and worry, and just celebrate love?

Krispy Kreme will be doing its part to celebrate love beginning January 31 with a new Valentine’s Day doughnut collection that even comes in a box designed with built-in pop-out Valentine cards.

Here are the four new doughnuts in this limited-time lineup:

Beary Best Valentine Doughnut

We all want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a giant bear hug, and this is that hug in doughnut form. It’s a doughnut dipped in chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, which is then decorated like a teddy bear with Chocolate KREME and icing.

Bee Mine Doughnut

Romantic puns never go out of style, and this doughnut asks the recipient to “bee mine” in a bee themed doughnut. It’s made with Strawberries & KREME filling, and the doughnut is dipped in red icing and decorated with pink icing and, of course, a bee sugar piece. ​

Cookie to My KREME Doughnut

Cookies and cream is a pair that was always meant to be, and many couples feel the same about their own relationship! This doughnut is filled with Cookies & KREME, and then dipped in white icing, which is decorated with a chocolate icing drizzle and topped with a confetti heart sprinkle blend.

My Batter Half Doughnut

If you feel like your partner is your better half, you just may want to share this doughnut with them. It’s filled with cake batter, dipped in pink icing and decorated with heart sprinkles.

This Valentine’s Day doughnut collection even comes in a box with a pop-out Valentine’s card, reminiscent of the kind kids exchange in school, meaning the box of doughnuts really can be an all in one gift idea this season.

“It’s been rough lately. Sharing a little love goes a long way. We want to offer everyone a sweet, simple way to do just that,” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme, in a statement. “And don’t worry, we took care of the Valentine’s Day cards, too. They’re built right into the box.”

Want to give and give back? Krispy Kreme announced last week it would be offering one dozen, free Original Glazed Doughnuts to anyone who donates blood by January 31.


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