Kevin Smith’s “Cop Out” Not Sucking on DVD

Kevin Smith's "Cop Out"  might have underperformed mightily at the box office (while irking its share of critics). But the movie is making up for it on DVD.

The buddy movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan easily topped the national sales and rental charts in its first week out, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

After making only $44 million at the the box office, "Cop Out" vented its frustration on the other DVD release, "The Losers." Kristen Stewart's "The Runaways" continued to fizzle, opening at the number four position.

Kevin Smith talked to PopcornBiz about the DVD release which features a lot of extras with Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott. These two stars, with their constant on-set improv, also kept the movie from totally angering the critics, according to Smith.

When he was in a jam, he called on Morgan and Scott to save the day with funny.

"They were like two (comedy) surgeons and I would turn to them and say, 'Help me save this patient,' " Smith told us. Some would argue that the patient didn't entirely survive the procedure regardless. This prompted Smith to give the line of the day:

"For all the people who said 'Cop Out' sucks, I cannot tell you how much more 'Cop Out' would've sucked without those dudes holding it up," he says. "Like or not like, without them it would have been a true bucket of suck."

The man can be a poet sometimes.

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