WATCH: Kerry Washington Talks “Scandal,” Plays “Box of Lies” With Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”

The actress also revealed that she believed she was a mermaid as a child.

On Tuesday night, Kerry Washington talked about the new season of "Scandal" and played the "Tonight Show" game "Box of Lies" with Jimmy Fallon.

But first, the actress revealed that as a little girl she believed she was a mermaid because of the movie "Splash."

“I knew that I was a mermaid. This is not a joke,” Washington insisted. “I was the best girl swimmer in my neighborhood. I am allergic to fish, so I had this theory that it was because I couldn’t eat my brethren. I am more comfortable in water than on land, seriously.”

Then, Fallon asked Washington about “Scandal,” which premieres its fourth season on Thursday.

“Where on Earth is Olivia Pope?” Jimmy Fallon asked, referring to the cliffhanger ending of season three.

“I can’t tell you but you will know immediately in the season premiere,” Washington said.

Finally, Washington and Fallon played a game of "Box of Lies." The two took turns trying to stump each other about what item was hidden inside various mystery boxes. See them play the game in the video above.

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