Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston Crash “Sarah Palin's Alaska”

Perhaps the last thing that Sarah Palin would want to see from her front window -- other than an approaching Russian infantry attack -- would be comedian Kathy Griffin and her daughter's ex Levi Johnston at the door.

But the duo paid a visit to Palin's house in Wasilla, Alaska for an episode of "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List."

"We went to Wasilla, Alaska -- or as Levi called it 'The Silla,'" Griffin said, according to the LA Times. "And we went to Sarah Palin's house and knocked on her door."

Don't you love stunt door-knocking? Not exactly "Roger and Me" but compelling trash tv!

What happened? We'll have to tune into the Bravo season premiere on June 15. But you'd have to imagine security was called pretty quickly for the ex-boyfriend who has publicly humiliated the Palin family at every turn and who is shopping around his own reality show on Alaska. A dream scenario would involve tasers.

"Don't act like that is not gonna be some good [TV]," Griffin said.

Last month at the Anchorage stop on her "Life on the D-List" comedy tour, Griffin was escorted by Johnston on stage where she told the crowd that Palin was "the gift that keeps on giving."


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