Kate Gosselin Watch Your Back, There Are New “Sextuplets” In Town

Turns out Kate Gosselin only thinks she's the only woman in the world dealing with sextuplets. TLC has found another family to profile in the upcoming "Sextuplets Take New York" series.

The family lives in Queens. So while Gosselin might have an extra set of twins, meet Victor and Digna Carpio who will begin their televised life Sept. 14, according to the The Hollywood Reporter.

The kids (four boys and two girls) are 22 months old, and the show will follow such daily challenges of dealing with 50 diaper changes a day, for example

Fifty diaper changes a day. Just think about that. All of these and other issues, such as dealing with parents who speak  two different languages. And Digna trying to lose her baby weight.

And the other bonus is this family hasn't turned all diva yet or run out and gotten hairplugs to look better for the paparazzi. The network cast the family after doing a special about parents struggling with a multiple birth.

"We fell in love with them," said Nancy Daniels, senior vice president at the network. "They are struggling with taking care of a lot of small children who are the same age and overrunning the house."

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