Kate Gosselin Brings Back the Diva Drama on “DWTS”

The real drama came back to the "Dancing With the Stars" on Tuesday night.

Not the boring final dance off, of course. But Kate Gosselin's return to the reality show had everything we have come to love/loathe about her -- diva behavior and really bad dancing. Instead of a season's worth, it was all condensed into one short video clip and live "dance."

Somehow she managed to pack it all in.

Gosselin immediately brought the diva out during the video clip where she was shown practicing with partner Tony Dovolani. She went from demanding harder dance moves ("make it more difficult because that's really who I am") to saying she couldn't handle the harder dance moves a moment later.

And then saying it wouldn't matter since "90 percent of my audience doesn't like me."

We missed you Kate.

Amazingly, Gosselin tried to take back the "Paparazzi" routine which made her a national laughing stock when she was a competitor on the show for five weeks. Somehow she managed to make the dancing just as clumsy as it was before. But the shock element has disappeared as a viewer.

Dovolani then ripped off the bottom of her red dress to reveal a black mini-skirt as the song switched to "I Will Survive." Sadly the shorter skirt only made the audience pay more attention to her terrible footwork.

She certainly didn't silence the dance-doubters. But that wasn't the point. Mostly Gosselin had the chance to plug her two new reality shows.

On that mark, she scored perfect 10s.

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