Justin Bartha: It's Very Good to Be Bad

Whether he's the soon-to-be married guy with a bad sunburn in "The Hangover" or helping to save the world in the "National Treasure" movies, Justin Bartha has shown us a lot of nice-guys on screen. This is changing with his role as the black sheep in "Holy Rollers."

And it's not a bad thing at all.

"It's fun to be bad," Bartha tells PopcornBiz of the movie that opens today. "It's different from what I usually play. But I have always wanted to do it. I've been trying to play that character for a long time."

Bartha plays a disenfranchised member of the Hassidic community who convinces and sometimes fools devout members such as Jessie Eisenberg to smuggle Ecstasy into the United States. He also has unholy hobbies which include boozing, enjoying New York's infamous "Robin Byrd Show" and late night clubbing.

"He's the big, bad wolf, " says Bartha.

He admits that 18-day shoot in freezing New York was "tumultuous" but "rewarding. " And says he wants to play a baddie again very soon.

"I hope to do it again. As long as the role is different from the last one. It's something I love doing."

Bartha is also gearing up to reprise his role in the "Hangover" sequel which is set to shoot in the fall. He cannot reveal any secrets since "no one has seen the script yet."

"But I hope the sunburn is gone," he laughs. "Because it would be painful to have it for that long."

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