Julie Delpy Helming Joe Strummer Biopic

About a decade ago, French actress Julie Delpy got it in her head that she wanted to be a director, and has since proven herself fairly talented behind the camera, with arthouse films like "2 Days in Paris" under her belt. But now she's taking on a high-profile project that will have a lot of folks paying very close attention.

Delpy has signed on to direct "The Right Profile," a film about the life of Clash frontman Joe Strummer, reported Variety. The film will focus on the time shortly before the release of "Combat Rock," the band's last album to feature the original line-up, during which Strummer fell out of the public eye.

The film is being produced by Simon Halfon, who was also behind the Ian Dury biopic, "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll," which feature a brilliant performance by Andy Serkis.

Delpy's got competition, however, as Jez Butterworth, one half of the brother duo that penned the Valarie Plame film "Fair Game," is working on a script about the making of the Clash's opus, "London Calling." In Butterworth's favor is the support of the band's surviving members, as well as exclusive rights to the music.

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