Johnny Depp Eyed for “Carter Beats the Devil” Remake

Johnny Depp as a world-famous magician suspected of murdering President Warren G. Harding? Sure, why not?

Depp is being considered for the title role in an adaptation of Glen David Gold's 2002 novel, "Carter Beats the Devil," reported 24 Frames.

Gold's novel is set in the 1920s and focuses on Carter the Great, a magician who, during his show one night, chops Harding to pieces and feeds him to lions before a stunned audience, only to have him reappear moments later. Great trick--except Harding winds up dead two hours later and Carter is the primary suspect, leaving Carter to prove his innocence.

Attempts to bring "Carter" have died on the Hollywood vine over the years, with the likes of Tom Cruise having failed.

But "Carter" was first adapted as a film by adelaidedearie, who posted her 13-minute, 54-second version on YouTube just last month, which Gold himself summarized in just two words on his blog, "Seriously: fantastic." Check it out:

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