JetBlue Flight Crew Goes Extra Mile for Orlando Shooting Victim's Grandmother

A JetBlue flight crew helped a grieving woman who was traveling to be with family after losing her 20-year-old grandson in the Orlando massacre, NBC News reported. 

As they were taking beverage orders, two flight attendants passed around a piece of paper to the other passengers, asking them for signatures to cheer the woman up on the plane ride. But passengers began writing paragraphs, filling up pages.

Once the flight ended, the crew held a moment of silence in memory of her grandson, Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo. 

Passengers, on their way out of the plane, gave condolences to the grandmother and stopped to talk to her. 

Flight attendant Kelly Davis Karas, from Maine, wrote about the experience on a Facebook post, which has since gone viral. She said she wanted to share her story so that people could know that even after such unspeakable evil, there can be good.

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