Jenna Fischer Getting a “Hall Pass”

Peter and Bobby Farrelly are eying Jenna Fischer to star opposite Owen Wilson in "Hall Pass," the latest movie about a woman who grants her husband a night of extramarital sex.

Joining Fischer and Wilson is "SNL" star Jason Sudekis, as Wilson's best friend whose wife grants him the same privilege, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The premise of "Hall Pass" sounds an awful lot like "The Freebie," from writer/director/star Katie Aselton, best known for "The League" and her marriage to writer/director Mark "Puffy Chair" Duplass.

In "The Freebie," Aselton and her husband, played by Dax Shepard, are an otherwise happy couple whose sex life has hit the skids. They decide to grant each other a night sex with a stranger in an effort to reboot their own sexual relationship.

While "The Freebie" debuts at Sundance on Jan. 24, "Hall Pass" isn't due until some time next year, and the two films will no doubt reach for very different audiences. It's kinda like when House of Pain and Kris Kross both came out with singles instructing listeners to "Jump." Only one is for the ages.

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