Jeff Gordon Pepsi Prank Goes Viral, Called Out As Fake

A funny Pepsi video featuring Jeff Gordon pranking a car salesman swept the web on Wednesday. But it turns out the salesman who fell victim to the test-driving prank was likely in on the ruse.

The video features NASCAR super star Gordon in disguise and test driving a Camaro at a car dealership. The hapless car salesman in tow seemed like he was in for the vomit-inducing ride of his life.

"You are liable for any damages, sir, so please stop the car," said the panicked salesman in the passenger seat.

But scrutinized the hidden-camera video and poked a few holes in it.

The sticker on the car says "09," but writes that the Camaro wasn't made until 2010.

The Camaro also does not have a cupholder, which was prominently featured in the video holding a hidden camera disguised as a can of unopened Pepsi.

The video was also producted by Gifted You, according to The Los Angeles Times, which is part of Will Ferrell's Funny or Die company, a comedy video website with celebrity cameos.

Lastly, there isn't a single shot of Gordon actually driving the car. The video was shot in Concord, N.C., and the N.C. Independent Tribune confirmed that racer Brad Noffsinger "did the stunt work for the production."

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