Jeep Owners Urged to Get Update After Hackers Control Car

Fiat Chrysler has released an urgent software update for a number of its Internet-connected vehicles after learning that two hackers were able to take control of a Jeep Cherokee from miles away, NBC News reported.

The possibility that hackers could gain access to hundreds of thousands of FCA vehicles was revealed after a Wired Magazine reporter had hackers take remote control of his 2014 Jeep Cherokee while he was on the road to show the cars’ vulnerability.

Andy Greenberg is seen being driven off the road by hackers, who eventually guided his SUV into a ditch, all from the comfort of their couch.

Fiat Chrysler has already tried to address the problem with a new software update, though observers question whether the company has made the potential problem clear enough to owners. The update, the company said, "offers customers improved vehicle electronic security and communications system enhancement."

A bill has also been introduced in Congress requiring connected cars to protect drivers against cybercriminals. 

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