James Mangold Helming New “Wolverine”

This new one has to be better than previous one, right? 

James Mangold, who directed last summer's "Knight & Day," starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, has been giving the dubious honor of directing the upcoming "Wolverine" sequel, reported Deadline.

Finding someone to helm this thing has been quite a process with Darren Aronofsky bailing back in March, and the likes of Gavin O'Connor, Antoine Fuqua and others being considered. And who can blame Aronofsky, for as much as he and Hugh Jackman like each other, the first installment of this spin-off franchise was a wretched mess.

But we wonder about Mangold, who for all the talent he showed in films like "Walk the Line," "Cop Land" and "3:10 to Yuma," seemed totally overmatched handling the most basic special effects in "Knight & Day," which featured some of the most amateurish green-screen work of recent memory.

But Mangold and Jackman have worked before, on 2001's "Kate & Leopold," maybe Hugh lobbied for him--who knows?

"The Wolverine," written by Chris McQuarrie, was originally supposed to start filming back in April, so it's safe to assume everyone plans to get to work pretty soon.

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