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Ivanka Trump Says She Accepts Barr's Position: No Fraud

Barr said he told the president that talk of conspiracy was 'crazy stuff'

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Ivanka Trump acknowledged that she had been persuaded by statements by the former attorney general, William Barr, that talk of election fraud was false.

"It affected my perspective," the president's daughter said on videotaped testimony, which was shown during the first night of the January 6 Capitol riot hearings. "I respect Attorney General Barr. I accepted what he was saying."

Barr, in video also shown by the committee, said he told Trump repeatedly that he had seen no evidence of fraud that would have affected the election. He added that allegations that a company that supplied voting machines, Dominion Voting Systems, was working to steal the election were baseless.

He said he told the president that "it was crazy stuff" and he and his supporters were wasting their time.

The president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was asked about threats from White House counsel Pat Cipollone that he would resign. Kushner said he took the threats as whining.

Donell Harvin, the former chief of homeland security and intelligence for the District of Columbia, says there was a “vast” amount of intelligence leading up to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. However, there was a “failure to heed the intelligence,” he said, particularly by federal authorities.

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