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Ivanka Trump Has Huge Chinese Fan Club Worshiping ‘Goddess Ivanka'

With Ivanka Trump's daughter and son reciting Chinese poetry to China's President Xi Jinping and his wife, the Chinese public fell in love and were taken by her 'elegance'

The White House's first daughter Ivanka Trump is a star among the young Chinese population, news agencies such as China's official news agency Xinhua has described Trump as "capable and stylish," and the Communist Party's flagship newspaper, The People's Daily, called her "elegant and sociable," NBC News reported.

An online fan club that has thousands of followers is called "Goddess Ivanka."

But her fame and fandom has meant that hundreds of copycat Chinese companies have tried to cash in on her brand. 

Trump's company has 16 registered trademarks in China and more than 30 pending applications, according to China's Trademark Office database, The Associated Press reported. Those are in addition to at least five trademarks given preliminary approval since the presidential inauguration.

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