“CHiPs” to Ride Again on Television

In the distance, you can almost hear the police motorcycles roaring to life. The beloved cop motorcycle show  "CHiPs," could be making a return to television. We're just hoping this version doesn't wipe out.

Actor Topher Grace is looking to co-executive produce a possible reboot of the show which ran from 1977 to 1983 for Warner Brothers Television, according to Deadline.com.

Deals have not been finalized. And everyone knows that the motorcycle game is a deadly one. So we're just keeping our fingers-crossed.

Grace would not star in the new show. But, you gotta admit he would be pretty stunning in the part of clean-cut Jonathan "Jon" Baker, famously played by by Larry Wilcox in the original.

For those not overly familiar, "CHiPs" stands for "California Highway Patrol" and features the lives of motorcycle cops keeping the California highways safe.

Warner Bros owns the rights to the original series and has attempted to cash in on the nostalgia value by putting various versions of the show into play before. The company has been trying to get a film of "CHiPs" off the ground -- one version featured Grace's "That 70s Show" co-star Wilmer Valderrama attached to play Ponch -- iconically played by Eric Estrada in the original.

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