It's Here: See the New Trailer From the Remake of Stephen King's Horror Classic

"It" is here. And "It" looks pretty damn creepy.

The trailer for the remake of Stephen King's horror classic "It" was unveiled Wednesday, and for fans of the novel it appears to be worth the wait.

To be fair, the first televised rendition of King's 1986 horror classic hasn't held up well over time. Hamstrung by a television budget and child actors of varying skill, the film had a few scares but largely failed to capture the sense of dread of its source material. And Tim Curry's take on antagonist Pennywise the Clown evoked more Freddy Kruger than the clown of your nightmares. 

But if anything is to be gleamed from the trailer, it appears the second time around the film hits all the appropriate horror marks. "You'll float too."

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