Weird Beards: Robert Duvall, John C. Reilly

While independent movies don't engage in competition, this week is different because we have two of the most exciting movie beards to come about in ages with Robert Duvall in "Get Low" and John C. Reilly in "The Extra Man."

Acting legend Duvall was positively ecstatic about his character's bushy beard -- the appropriately named hermit called Felix Bush.

"That was the greatest beard ever put on anybody," Duvall beamed at the movie's press day. Sounds like a throw-down to us!

But then again, John C. Reilly as Gershon in "The Extra Man" has even more volume. And the beard comes with an extremely odd, high-pitched voice for the character.

What's more, PopcornBiz learned that Reilly refused to do anything related to his character, even blocking, without his full beard ensemble going. And he went about scaring at least one neighborhood kid as he lumbered off the set in his scruffy attire.

So who wins? We'll let movie-goers decide this weekend.

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