“TRON: Legacy” Writers Find Work After “Lost”

At the blue carpet premiere of "TRON: Legacy," we spoke with the film's screenwriters, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (not the Beastie Boy), both alums of the beloved dearly departed show "Lost," and asked them to definitively end the rumors that The Island was purgatory.

"'Lost' is not purgatory!" they both said emphatically.

"Here's what 'Lost' was: 'Lost' was all on the Grid," Horowitz joked.

"Yup, there's a smoke monster in 'TRON,'" Kitsis added.

Jokes aside, the more we look at the two properties, the more we realize they have in common. Think about it, both are tales of lost souls transported to a remote world disconnected from reality where family bonds are forged and father-son relationships are healed.

Boom goes the dynamite!

Getting back to the film, we wondered what kind of pressure the writers felt reinvigorating a cult classic.

"It's a lot of pressure," Kitsis admitted. "We're fans of 'TRON.' I think the first thing you think is, don't screw it up."

"We approach everything we do as fans," Horowitz added, "so we're always thinking, if we can please ourselves as fans, we can please the other fans out there."

Given the chance to be adult kids in the candy store of their childhood memory, we asked what they were most excited to incorporate into their updated tale.

"Light cycles," Kitsis says without hesitation.

"Jeff Bridges," Horowitz counters.

"Yeah!" Kitsis grins, "And we were like, we love him so much, we have to have him twice."

"TRON: Legacy" is now in theaters.

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