Irving Woman Robbed By Man Pretending to Be Good Samaritan

An Irving woman involved in a rollover crash says she was robbed by a man pretending to be a good Samaritan.

Kimberly Smith was headed home on Sunday morning when she said she was cut off by another driver on the exit ramp off Texas Highway 114 near Belt Line Road.

Smith swerved and her car rolled.

"When you see that car, you just can't believe that she is actually is still here," said Teresa Smith, Kimberly's mother. "They were calling her the miracle girl at the hospital. No one could believe she did not have any injuries."

Smith crawled out of her mangled Ford Focus and waved down some help.

"I asked him multiple times, please don't leave me," Smith said. "I ended up having my wallet stolen by someone who I thought was a good Samaritan."

Smith said the man seemed nice at first. He even handed over her purse. Little did Smith know the man would apparently steal her wallet containing money, credit cards and ID cards.

Police and first responders did not find the wallet at the scene of the crash, and Smith's family didn't find it after searching the car at the collision center.

"(For him) to flip so easily, it's disheartening and it hurts really bad," Smith said. "I hope he's found because if he did it to me, I'm sure he's done it before and he'll do it again."

Irving police are treating the wallet as stolen, but have only a vague description of the man suspected of taking it. He was last seen leaving the area in an old, red pickup truck, said police, who are searching surveillance video for more evidence.

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