iPhone App Created To Track Eyesight

A clinical study in North Texas is giving eye patients the ability to test their vision any place, any time. The My Vision Track testing system is an iPhone app for people with degenerative eye disease.

“If I close my left eye and I look at you there is a little gray circle about the size of a pencil eraser and I can see your eyes but I cannot tell if they’re open or not,” said diabetic retinopathy patient Ray Land. He was one of the first patients in the study two years ago.

Land began visiting Dr. Yu-Guang He’s office, while using the My Vision Track App at home.

“In the beginning we try to find some device, some function test to help our patients see better,” said He.

The app tests other degenerative diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration as well. Three circles pop up on the screen, and patients are instructed to touch the irregular circle. With each tap of the screen, another three circles appear, and each time, the test gets more difficult.

Land does the test a couple times a week, if not more. “What’s great about it is that you can do it anytime you want. The time you spend getting ready for the doctor, you’ve already finished the eye test and it’s basically the same test they give me at the clinic I go to,” Land said.

Land said his vision has improved slightly since he began the study two years ago. “Hopefully it will help other people that was the whole reason in doing it,” Land said.

The first portion of the My Vision Track trial just wrapped up. The second should start by the end of the year and if it goes well, the app should be available to the public by next summer.

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