Tracy Morgan: I'm a Thespian, Too

Tracy Morgan is getting ready to shoot "No One's Son" in New York, and yes comedy's wild man is ready to shoot a drama.

"I'm ready," Morgan told PopcornBiz after the press day of the screwball comedy "Death at a Funeral."

Morgan says he "absolutely" has the chops for pure-drama.

"Comedy is tragedy turned inside out. That's drama," a suddenly impassioned Morgan told us. " It's not like comedy is a step down from drama. Comedy is a privilege.

"You think it's easy to make people laugh?" he asked. "It's easier to make them cry. All you have to do is say hurtful things."

Besides, he has lots of drama experience. Just ask him. "There's 'Saturday Night Live,' " he tells us going over his resume. "That's live television. It doesn't get no more deeper than that. It's live. There's no cut."

Interesting thought process, but it is Tracy Morgan. To help us through the serious phase, Morgan is his usual hilarious self in "Funeral" and will be back working for yuks on "30 Rock" soon enough.

"Those writers are diabolical," says Morgan. "They're in the laboratory now."

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