“I'm Still Here” Will Take Us Inside the Crazy of Joaquin Phoenix

We're seen the crazy, now bring on the movie. Finally the world will see what was going on with Joaquin Phoenix during his prolonged and very odd public meltdown.

Turns out, Oscar nominee Casey Affleck was filming a documentary of the tumultuous year in the life of the talented and very odd actor/rapper. Magnolia Pictures announced today that it has acquired the world rights to the "I'm Still Here," Affleck's directorial debut. We can now have our Joaquin crazy moments on a big screen with popcorn and a Coke.

According to a Magnolia release, the film will follow Phoenix "as he announces his retirement from a successful film career in the fall of 2008 and sets off to reinvent himself as a hip hop musician." Trust us there's a lot of crazy in between. You can just start with the crazy facial hair. That alone could be a three-part PBS series hosted by Ken Burns.

There was a lot of talk that the whole thing was a big stunt or a big set up for a Spinal Tap-esque mockumentary -- from Phoenix's insane appearance on David Letterman's show to his clumsy Vegas rapping appearance which made Britney Spears blush. Maybe the joke's on us internet lemmings, a look at a society just waiting for the next odd thing to point our fingers at. If so, it had better be entertaining, or I'm going to take my finger-pointing elsewhere. Or maybe, he's just really out there and this will give us a new understanding of it all. Either way, it's going be worth checking out.

The movie will be released Sept. 10.

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