“I Am Not a Hipster” Trailer Awash in Hipsterism

You know the old saying, "Denial is the first sign..."? Yeah, well, with hipsters, the more angrily a person denounces the tag, the more applicable it is too them. With that, let us kick back and watch the trailer for the 2012 Sundance entrant, "I Am Not a Hipster."

Not a lot to work with there, as it's all atmosphere and music, but it clearly follows the life of an angsty hipster making art and music with his beautiful/talented friends. According to the synopsis (via Sundance), it's  “a character-driven story exploring themes of love, loss and what it means to be creative in the face of tragedy.”

The film features a soundtrack by The Canines, and stars Dominic Bogart, Alvaro Orlando, Brad William Henke, Tammy Minoff, Kandis Erickson, Lauren Coleman, and former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, who's dearly departed band is the subject of a Sundance doc, "Shut Up and Play the Hits."

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