Hockey Player Gives CPR to Opposing Player During Game

What began as a normal hockey game at an arena in Watertown, Massachusetts, ended with an emergency and players throwing competition aside to help each other.

"There was a large commotion on the other bench and we're thinking, 'maybe they're just rubbing it in or doing some sort of celebration,' and we look over and it's just a guy who was limp," Joe Dawson explained.

That man, according to teammates, was 36-year-old Mike Hurley, a forward Dawson just competed against.

"All of a sudden someone just yells out, 'who knows CPR?' And I just kind of jumped in there. Instincts took over."

Dawson even called for the defibrillator, but within minutes, medics arrived.

"There was no pulse, no briefing and luckily we got him. He came back to- he wasn't fully conscious but we got a faint pulse out of him," Dawson explained.

Dawson is CPR certified- part of his responsibility as a volunteer coach for Brown University women's hockey team. He's been playing hockey all his life. Same goes for Mike Hurley.

His teammate says Mike is a married father of a young child. He's thankful for the hero on the other side of the ice.

"I was told that the ER doctor said he probably saved his life," said a teammate, Phil Coletti.

"Relief, that he's gets to live again, gets to play hockey again, just enjoy life," Dawson added. "No one wants to go out early."

Both players say Mike Hurley is in stable condition at an area hospital. They're waiting to see what they can do for his family. 

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