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‘Late Night': Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump an ‘Equal Opportunity Insulter'

Hillary Clinton is no longer laughing.

The Democratic presidential candidate appeared on “Late Night With Seth  Meyers” on Thursday and said she no longer finds Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s remarks to be funny. 

“I no longer think he’s funny,” Clinton said to host Seth Meyers.

Referring to Trump’s recent belief that Muslims should be banned from coming to America, she continued, “What he’s saying now is not only shameful and wrong, it’s dangerous.”

Calling Trump an “equal opportunity insulter,” Clinton said she previously took Trump’s presence on the national stage with a light, humorous heart. But she worried his most recent comments would benefit terrorist organizations seeking to recruit alienated youth.

“This latest demand that we not let Muslims into our country really plays into the hands of the terrorists,” she said. “It’s giving them a great propaganda tool.”

That wasn’t the only kind of propaganda she talked about.

Calling for reasonable gun measures, she expressed a desire to reach out to “reasonable gun owners” as a way to get past the National Rifle Association’s position and change the country’s gun laws so that, among other things, people on the no-fly list can’t buy guns.

“If you are trying to keep people paying dues and supporting your organization, you want to keep them upset,” Clinton said about the NRA. “They want people to feel like the black helicopter is going to land in your backyard and your guns are going to be taken away."

Clinton and Meyers also imagined a different world. They considered what Bill Clinton’s role would be if she won the White House.

Among his responsibilities, the two imagined, he would personally lead public tours in the White House and devise a “veganish” menu for guests who don’t eat animal-derived food.

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