Here's the Poster for That “Yogi Bear” Movie No One Is Talking About

"Yogi Bear," the 3D animated live-action/CGI feature starring the voices of Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake, has delivered its first poster, and a trailer is just hours away.

Aykroyd as Yogi makes sense in a sad way. The one-time comedy giant hasn't enjoyed much success on the big screen of late and "Yogi" was no doubt an easy paycheck. And thanks to Bill Murray's hilarious -- if dubious --  revelation about why he made "Garfield," Aykroyd's artistic integrity is unassailable on this front.

But what is Timberlake doing here? We don't want to suggest that the role of Boo Boo is beneath him. But he's got major roles in three high profile films, "The Social Network," "Bad Teacher" and "Friends With Benefits," he doesn't need Boo Boo.

There has been shockingly little buzz surrounding this project, and it's hard to imagine where the audience is for such a film. Do kids still watch "Yogi Bear"? Do you remember him fondly enough that you'll just have to see it?

"Yogi Bear" has been sitting there on the December calendar for months now, just staring blankly at us hoping for our attention while we daydream about films like "Tron: Legacy," "True Grit," "Blue Valentine," "Somewhere," "The Illusionist" and "The Fighter." How on Earth will we find time?

We're rooting for the trailer, but our expectations are low.

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