Here Comes the Inevitable “Paranormal Activity” Sequel

Having made a mint off the original low-budget, high box office horror flick "Paranormal Activity," the studio has brought in a couple of pros to pen and direct a second installment.

"These guys get it, and the fans won’t be disappointed," "Paranormal" writer/director Oren Peli told Heat Vision. Peli and Jason Blum, who produced the first one, are producing the follow up.

The "guys" in question are screenwriter Michael R. Perry ("The Dead Zone," "House") and director Kevin Greutert ("Saw VI").

One is tempted to ask why Peli would entrust his creation to outsiders, but the answer is obvious -- money.

In addition to poaching the latest director from the "Saw" franchise, Paramount is also going after its traditional opening weekend, having slated "Paranormal" 2 for the weekend before Halloween.

 The original was made for $15,000 and took in more than $100 million, so you can be sure they threw a heap of money at Peli and Blum for a second one, but didn't trust them to deliver again.

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