Hef, Former Bunny Talk About the Old Days

"Bunnies properly understood were really pre-feminist, feminists"

Is Hef just spinning the facts, or does he really believe that the early Playboy Club, circa 1961, was an achievement in women's liberation?

Responding to criticism from feminist Gloria Steinem, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said she should take a closer look.

"I have a real regard for Gloria, but she doesn't have great respect for the truth," said Hefner. "Bunnies properly understood were really pre-feminist, feminists. This was a time when women were expected to stay at home."

Former Bunny Joyce Williams agreed.

"During that time, other than airline stewardesses, there were no real glamor jobs for women," she said. "The club had strict rules. Your customers couldn't  touch the bunny."

Hefner said he doesn't think most women see Playboy Enterprises as the enemy anymore.

"I think they caught up with their own sexuality," he said. "I think they see it as an exciting part of life."

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