Funny or Die Spoofs “Serial” Ending

If you're obsessed with all things "Serial," chances are you're already planning your day around Thursday's final podcast.

Whether you're aiming to play hooky, waking up extra early, or just taking a really, really indirect route to get to work in order to catch all of the goodness before you clock in, the final chapter of Sarah Koenig's exploration into Hae Min Lee's murder case is going to be all anyone can talk about — and for good reason.

There's just one little problem...not everyone is going to get what they want out of the finale.

Undoubtedly, there are people who think Koenig is going to reveal who the real killer is, or maybe Adnan Syed will share who he really thinks committed the crime. Who knows?!

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What we do know is that everyone's too excited for words, including the people at Funny or Die, who created their hilarious version of what Koenig must be going through in order to crank out that final podcast.

Throughout the clip, Koenig (except it's not actually her, it's "Trophy Wife's" Michaela Watkins, for those who haven't quite gotten to the level of Googling everyone involved) is shown trying to tape the podcast how she sees fit...but everyone is up in her business.

We'll let you see it for yourselves but honestly, the four-minute parody encapsulates everything that we wish would happen. But it won't. Probably.

Heck, even we don't know.

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