Haley Joel Osment Is a Virgin “Sex Ed” Instructor

Yeah, we loved him in "The Sixth Sense" too, but Haley Joel Osment hasn't really done much for us since then. That said, the synopsis for his upcoming film is, on the face of it, pretty amusing.

"Sex Ed" will star Osment as "a college graduate who dreams of teaching high school Algebra but due to budget constraints, ends up teaching sex education, despite being a virgin. He discovers an unlikely mentor in a blues bar, a ruthless enemy in the local PTA, and a gorgeous Polish girl for whom English is a distant second language," accoridng to The Hollywood Reporter.

OK, so the "mentor in a blues bar" sounds painfully trite (today's call for a moratorium is on "wise old black men who teach main-character white folk what's important"), but the rest of it holds some promise. Or maybe we're just over-tired.

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