Guy Pearce Displays Killer ‘Stache and Familiar Role in “Animal Kingdom”

We couldn't help but notice some parallels between Guy Pearce's amazing cop role in "Animal Kingdom" and his breakout role in 1997's "L.A. Confidential."

In both he's an honest cop in a terribly corrupt system on deadly streets where shotguns rule. Except this time he's not hiding his Australian accent and he's showing off a killer 'stache -- circa Melbourne, Australia in the 1980s in which "Kingdom" is set.

When PopcornBiz spoke to the film's star Ben Mendelsohn, he too noticed the "Confidential" parallels in the story: "It's a good point," he says.

But most of all he was impressed with the Pearce mustache, calling it "masterful."

"He turned up on the set with a Civil War hero mustache," Mendelsohn laughs. "I didn't have to say much. My eyebrows raised and I gave him a smile and we had a chuckle. And then we went to work."

Of course Mendelsohn couldn't say much playing the twisted head of a dysfunctional crime family.

"I've got a terrible haircut in the film and he's got a bad 'stache," says Mendelsohn. "Guy and I have known each other for a long time. There wasn't much to say."

That said, both performances are fantastic despite the period hair requirements. And Mendelsohn says that Pearce's backing of the film is a big reason the cameras ever got rolling.

"He carries a tremendous amount of weight," says Mendelsohn. "Guy is a real hero of the Australian film industry."

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