“Green Hornet” Director Thrilled About 3D Conversion

Amid whispers of trouble, "Green Hornet" director Michel Gondry might be one of the few people delighted about the news that his film will be converted to 3D during the editing process.

"We are so thrilled," he tells Popcorn Biz of the decision to go 3D. "It's something we have been lobbying for for the duration of the shooting. Now they have finally said yes."

Gondry says he shot the film starring Seth Rogan "with 3D in mind," even if they didn't shoot in 3D.

And in terms of watching action movies, Gondry says, 3D "is better for the brain. When the editing is too fast, the brain doesn't have time to adjust." The added dimension will help.

Gondry spoke during the press day for his latest film "Thorn in the Heart" a documentary about his extended family in France which opens in Los Angeles on May 14.

The news about the decision to convert "The Green Hornet" to 3D has been dissected by various movie blogs as an ominous sign of trouble for the film, including one which claims that that it's actually a thinly veiled effort to overhaul the whole movie.

But Gondry remains enthused about the project due out in the winter. Now in the editing process, the innovative filmmaker has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

"There are a ton of ideas I have since we are going to 3D now," he says. "I am going to do things in 3D that have never been done before. I have been thinking about this for years."

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