Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Greenies

Don't let the tree be the only thing green during this holiday season. Check out these environmentally friendly selections for everyone on your list.

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NUTMEG AND VANILLA SOAP: Leave that old, generic soap in the dish and pick up this delightfully aromatic bar. The soap is made by Community Trade using organically grown soya oil, sustainable palm oil and the soul-soothing scent of nutmeg. It's also available in Merry Cranberry and Black Velvet Apricot. $5,
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GREEN GUIDE: From beginners to advanced artisans, anyone with a creative spark will appreciate this handy guide for turning out mindful masterpieces. In the words of author Karen Michel, you don't have to go to extremes to go green. $15.63,
EMOTIBOMB: Have a well-groomed, vegan couple to buy for? You're in luck. The pre-wrapped Jolly Holly Days gift box comes with natural soaps and scrubs in neutral scents like fennel, mint and ginger. Your friends will be especially thankful for the Too Drunk... Emotibomb (shown above), designed to take the edge off those pesky vegan-eggnog hangovers. 49.95, Lush
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CARDBOARD SPEAKERS: Save space in your home and future space in the dump with these collapsible speakers from Muji. Simple style promotes restraint, say the makers of these fun music boxes. We agree -- except when it comes to volume. $38, MoMA store
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PAGE PROTECTORS: These coasters made from recycled magazines are perfect for protecting your table and counters from the curse of the cold one. Just think, after you've finished that issue of Allure it could be reincarnated to guard someone else's coffee table. $18 (set of six), 3R Living
NO PEN, NO PAPER, NO PROBLEM: The EcoPad from Brookstone uses a special stylus to take down your notes with no ink or paper waste. Completely reusable, the pad just needs a quick slide of the sidebar (think Magna-doodle) for a new clean space. $25, Brookstone
BLOGGING BAG: Whether you're a blogger or blog fan, a good laptop bag is vital. The convenient pockets and sturdy construction of the Timbuk2's Blogger bag makes life-on-the-go just a little easier. Made of hemp and recycled plastic bottles, the bag is rugged, rubberized, and waterproof -- but not rough on the environment. $75, Timbuk2
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ORGANIC UNDIES: No one wants a big carbon footprint stamped on their hiney, so when going for cute undies, might as well make them organic. These soft cottons in sorbet colors make a cute, kind gift. $34, Neiman Marcus
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BRAZIL BOOTIE: The evolution will be accessorized. If the thought of an eco-friendly shoe conjures images of earth-toned hemp, think again. This 100% vegan, faux suede number by olsen Haus rocks a four-inch heel in eggplant, citron or magenta. $215,
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CHINA ON YOUR CHEST: These striking earrings are made from recycled porcelain and shaped to eliminate the sharp cutting edge. Bottled Up Designs used the blue and white patterns of the famous "Willow Ware" china and set the pair in sterling silver. $45, Organic Bug
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VICTORIANA SCARFLETTE: Keep your Scarlett's neck warm without sacrificing her sweeping, super-feminine style. Pure wool and eco-friendly bamboo take the wearer back to nature and the ruffled collar design goes from day to night with the tie of a tassel. $79, Tickled Pink Knits
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NATURAL WOOD BOWL & TRAY: Sustainable and chic, the Patagonia table accessories at ABC Home are crafted by Mapuche artisans in Chile and Argentina. Each piece is made out of a single block of fallen lenga wood. Proceeds from sales go to help the Mapuche protect their land. $75, ABC Home
RECYCLED ROAD SIGN CHAIRS: Discarded road signs -- is there anything they can't do? These genuine repurposed road sign chairs work indoors or out -- after all, they're designed to hold up under the elements. Available in both kids' and adults' sizes. $800-$1,000,
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BOTTOM OF THE BARREL: After your favorite cab leaves the barrel for the bottle, what happens to that thick oaken container? The original barrel's top and slices of the side (for legs) are used to make the perfect endtable. $299.99, Coffee Tables Galore
TREAD ON ME: The textured, woven look of Urban Outfitters' 3x5 recycled tire tube mat can add a modern industrial look to any living room or serve as an excellent door mat for dirty feet. $29.99, Urban Outfitters
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SOUNDS SUSTAINABLE: Lose the earbuds. Plug your iPod into this sleek, hand-crafted wooden speaker dock from Vers Audio. It's sustainable and uses 70% less energy than traditional speakers. $179,
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