Mel Gibson's Rants Rated R, but “The Beaver” Is PG-13

There's been all manner of speculation as to what will become of Mel Gibson and his career in the wake of his maniacally profane tirades recorded by his erstwhile ladyfriend. But the only thing that any serious, thoughtful person should be concerned with was the fate of Gibson's ready-to-be-released comedy, "The Beaver."

Many have assumed that there's no future for the film in which Gibson plays the CEO of a toy manufacturer who becomes so depressed he can only communicate with the outside world via a beaver hand puppet.

Well the folks at Summit appear to have heeded our counsel and are moving ahead with the film's release, having submitted it to the Motion Picture Association of America, which has given the film a PG-13 rating for "mature thematic material, some disturbing content, sexuality and language including a drug reference."

Not only are we eager to see this film, we're even willing to help out by nominating Sept. 10 as a release date. The biggest movie out that weekend is "Resident Evil: Afterlife," which will apeal to an entirely different audience. Beyond Milla vs. the Zombies, there's an Australian musical, a French film about junkies in love, a feel-good about a high school wrestler and two super low-budget movies that no will see. Really, the field is wide open.

The film was directed by Jodie Foster, who co-stars as Gibson's wife, along with Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence. The script, by Kyle Killen, was recently No. 1 on the 2008 Black List of best unproduced films floating around Hollywood.

This thing had buzz before it was even made, stars two of the biggest A-listers of the previous generation and possibly two of the biggest A-listers of the next generation, plus it's got all this added heat from Mel's personal problems. All Summit has to do is add water, it'll make it's own sauce.

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