Glam Slam: Worst Dressed Of 2009

It's that time of year… when we make lists and check them twice as we look back at who was the best and worst dressed stars of the year. The Glam Slam Squad members weren't shy about expressing our opinions. Today, it's all about the year's worst dressed stars.

She certainly had some of the most memorable looks of the year, which is not a good thing in this case. I even dubbed her Lady Gag Gag. Glam Slam contributor Sharon says…"I know she's the new outrageous star, but I just can't get behind outfits with Muppets all over them!" Felidette calls her "a high fashion disaster. I know that's her shtick but that red lace mask at the VMA's… And that plastic outfit when she met the Queen?!?!" Akiva says, "Her music speaks for itself, she doesn't need these ridiculous antics."

"She went from being Posh's best dressed side kick to frumpy, mumsy hot mess," says Joe. "The worst was her own design she wore for her Broadway debut. Disaster." Kathy says, "She always looks drab." Boring, dowdy and a snore were other descriptions that popped up.

"Her edgy and punky looks were too over the top for me," admits Jeneine. I agree. I love someone who has the guts to go out there and be different. But it's still gotta work, not just be outrageous for the sake of being outrageous. Susan says, "give Grace Jones back her style. This was the year to be demure and take it down a notch, not amp it up." Adds Felidette, "And that shaved-mohawk-bob thing does not flatter her pretty face."

Personally, I love Madonna and think she's really cool… but she wore THE single worst outfit of the year. That Louis Vuitton get up with the TV antenna headpiece was just awful. Akiva says "She is pretty consistent with her choices going from bad to bad. She should take some style pointers from Lourdes." Both Madonna and Mariah received a lot of call outs in our poll. Anthony says Mariah's style is "always too tight and outdated." Felidette says it's time for Mariah to dress her age and has a message for both divas. "Time to stop taking "Forever 21" so literally." Ouch!

I give her points for her white Emmy Dress. She looked beautiful. But what Glam Slam giveth, Glam Slam taketh away, with not one, but two Louis Vuitton disasters. As Sharon points out "Just when you thought the awful Louis Vuitton at the Met Ball was the worst it could get… she topped it with a leggings/bra ensemble last month. Akiva adds, "From her hair and makeup to her poor picks for fashion, Leighton has gone from classic to trashy and then beyond to tacky."

Jon Gosselin. Ed Hardy. That's all I'm gonna say.

Tomorrow we play nice and name our best dressed picks.

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