Get Your Free Caffeine Fix on National Coffee Day

Generic Latte Coffee
Getty Images

Waking up will be a little easier for caffeine fiends Tuesday.

Several coffee shops and chains across the country are offering free cups of joe or special promotions to celebrate National Coffee Day.

Here’s where you can get your fix:

Dunkin Donuts: Free medium hot or iced dark roast coffee.

Krispy Kreme: Free small coffee and original glazed donut.

Tim Hortons: Enter for a chance to win Tim Cards.

Wawa: Free coffee at all Wawa locations.

Whole Foods: Stores nationwide are offering 12-ounce cups of coffee for $0.25 through September.

Starbucks: Celebrate National Coffee Day with the launch of “Starbucks One Tree for Every Bag Commitment” which honors the families and farmers behind your cup of morning coffee. Over the next year, every time someone buys a bag of coffee in a Starbucks store, a tree will be planted in a community that needs one on their behalf. Starbucks is also planting 1 million coffee trees in farming communities that need help.

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