George Lucas Spreads His Wings Over New Fairy Musical

Remember, people didn't think "Star Wars" was ever going to be a big deal in the beginning, either.

So we're withholding judgment on the news that George Lucas is producing a CGI musical about, ahem, fairies, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The man's a genius after all, even if this seems to be way out of his comfort zone. It'll be great at best and very interesting at worst. Here's hoping that he doesn't have the tin ear for music that he so clearly displays for dialogue.

The movie is the latest, biggest sign of Hollywood's move towards those adorable winged creatures of fable. This can be seen as Miley Cyrus is sprouting fairy-flappers in "Wings" and Universal is working on an adaptation of the novel "Wicked Lovely." As Lucas has no doubt figured out, the marketing possibilities in the fairy genre are endless.

Kevin Munroe is directing the CGI film and David Berenbaum, (“Elf” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles,”) wrote the screenplay. Work has begun on the project at Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in Marin County. Lucas is finishing "Red Tails" which tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II.

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