Gaza Man “Tricked” Into Selling Banksy Painting For $175

A 33-year-old Gaza man says he has been duped into selling a valuable work by British graffiti artist Banksy for less than $200.

The popular street artist is believed to have sneaked into Gaza in February, leaving behind four murals. One, depicting the Greek goddess Niobe, was drawn on a door, the last remnant of a two-story house belonging to the Dardouna family in northern Gaza.

Unaware of its value, Rabie Dardouna said Tuesday he was tricked into selling the door to an eager local artist for just 700 shekels, or about $175. He now wants the door back.

The artist who bought the door, Belal Khaled, says he did not mean to trick anyone. He says he just wants to protect the painting and has no intention of profiting.

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