Garland Student ‘Graduates’ in ICU

A Garland high school student missed the last three weeks of his senior year because of a freak accident.

Josh Farmer was sitting inside a McDonald's when a car crashed into the restaurant, and pinned him between a wall and a table, causing serious internal injuries.

But today, special recognition for the Lakeview Centennial student.

Because he can't attend graduation, his principal brought graduation to him -- delivering Josh's diploma in the ICU.

His mother said it's been a tough few weeks, and Josh needed the inspiration.

"Honestly, he's a little down," said Jana Finney, Josh's mom. "He's missing his last three weeks of his senior year and he's missing his graduation."

Principal Angel Rivera said there's been a lot of emotion since the accident, and both students and faculty wanted to make sure Josh was included the celebrations.

"He was feeling well enough so we could come deliver his diploma to him, tape it and include it in our ceremonies tomorrow," Rivera said.

So far, Josh has had seven surgeries, with more to come.

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