Did ‘Game of Thrones' New Season 6 Poster Just Reveal Jon Snow's Fate?

Is it April yet?

"Game of Thrones" fans, rejoice: we finally have our first look at season six, and it appears to be all about Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Clearly not content to let "The Walking Dead" have all the fun when it comes to fans speculating over a fan-favorite character's fate, "Game of Thrones" has redirected resurrection talk back to the beloved character, thanks to a new billboard in Times Square. See the full art below.

In the first ad for season six, which reveals that the HBO hit series will return in April, a bloodied Jon Snow is front and center, looking down and distraught.

But alive?

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Since Jon Snow's death nearly broke the Internet in June, there have been endless theories crafted by distraught fans, speculating just how the character will resurface. And there has been a lot of evidence that points to Harington's return, including photos of the actor looking very Jon Snow-esque in Spain (one of "GOT's" filming locations). Plus, according to Pedestrian, HBO sent out an email promoting their "Honor The Fallen: The Memoriam Collection" toys. Basically, it's a sale of toys for dead characters on the show...and there wasn't a single mention of Jon Snow in the dearly departed list.

As for Harington, if Jon Snow's alive, he's doing a good job of keeping it a secret. "I've been told I'm dead," he said after the season five finale. "I'm dead. I'm not coming back next season." And according to HBO's president Michael Lombardo, Jon Snow is dead. Like, really dead. "Dead is dead is dead is dead," he told reporters. "He be dead...everything I've seen, heard or read, Jon Snow is dead."

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