“Game of Thrones” Finale Bloodbath: Find Out Who Survived

The season finale of the popular HBO show brought plenty of shockers. Read all about it here.

Warning, major spoilers ahead.

So many things happened in the "Game of Thrones" season finale that we don't even know what to think or how to feel or what to do with ourselves. There's a lot of processing we're going to be doing later, but in the meantime, let's discuss everything that went down.

We began the episode where we left off last week, with Jon approaching the Wildling camp to get to Mance Rayder. He said he was there to negotiate, and after sweetly toasting to Ygritte and their fallen brothers, Jon asked Rayder to turn his army around.

Rayder refused, and presented his own deal: Castle Black would open its gates and allow the wildlings to pass through to safety on the other side. If Jon refuses this, the wildlings will kill every last one of the men at the wall. Jon considered his plan to kill Rayder, but the wildling king was way ahead of him, and had his men at the ready.

Their slightly tense standoff was interrupted by a massive army attack, led by Stannis and Davos. Stannis ordered Rayder to kneel, and he refused. Jon stepped in to introduce himself and inform Stannis that his father died for his place on the throne. Stannis agrees to simply capture Rayder and question him, at Jon's suggestion.

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Back at King's Landing, Cersei watched over the doctor who was working on the Mountain, but it didn't look so good for him. Cersei then went to her father to beg him to not make her marry Loras. He was not into this suggestion, so she threatened to tell the truth about her and Jaime and Tywin's false legacy, which made him angry. She then went to Jaime, telling him that she has chosen him and that Tyrion should be killed, if just for inadvertently killing their mother. The two siblings proceeded to get busy on the table.

In Meereen, a citizen approached Dany carrying a skeleton. His three year old daughter had been killed by one of the dragons, which was clearly devastating to the Khaleesi. She promptly took two of her dragons into the catacombs and chained them up, with tears streaming down her face. One dragon, however, is still missing.

Back at Castle Black, Stannis watched as the Night's Watch burned their dead. Jon went to Tormund to ask him if he wanted to say a few words about his men who died. The prisoner told him that Ygritte loved him, and that she belongs in the North. Jon then respectfully built and lit her a funeral pyre in the woods.

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Elsewhere, Bran and company finally found their giant tree, but they were stopped at the roots by terrifying skeleton men who are hard to stop. Jojen, who was already sick and not doing well, was stabbed repeatedly. A young girl appeared in an opening in the tree's roots and started shooting flames at the skeleton men, then told them to come with her if they wanted to live. Meera lingered a bit at her brother's body, but made it into the tree cave just in time. The girl explained that she was one of "The Children," and she took them to an old man who claims to have been watching over Bran from the beginning. He tells Bran that he will be able to fly.

Near the Eyrie, Podrick had lost the horses, so he and Brienne continue on foot. Ten miles out, they encounter Arya and the Hound, and Brienne eventually recognizes the young Stark. She claims she'll take Ayra to safety, and after quickly recapping all that Arya has lost in her life, the Hound says there is no safety. He and Brienne fight, conveniently, on the edge of a cliff. A battle with swords eventually turns into a punching-and-kicking fight, until the Hound tumbles over the cliff.

Arya finds him at the bottom, where he tells her of his regrets in life. Unfortunately, one is that he never raped Sansa. He asks Arya to kill him and put him out of his misery, but instead, she just takes his money and walks away, with him shouting after her.

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At King's Landing, Jaime broke Tyrion out of his cell, and sends him off on his own. Instead of getting out of the castle, Tyrion goes to his father's room, where he finds his former love, Shae, waiting for Tywin. She grabs a knife and they fight, until Tyrion strangled her with a cord. After crying for a moment, he took a crossbow off of the wall, and found himself in front of a door. He opened, it revealing Tywin sitting on the toilet.

Tywin told him to put the crossbow down, but Tyrion was determined, despite the fact that his father claimed that he was never going to let his son be executed. After Tyrion informed him that he had killed Shae, Tywin said it didn't matter since she was a whore, so Tyrion shot him. He then shot his shocked father again, killing him too. When last we saw him, Tyrion was being shipped off in a boat by the very helpful Varys.

Finally, Arya approaches a loading ship on her horse. She goes to the ship captain and asked to be taken north to the wall. He refused, at first, but she handed him the iron coin given to her by her old friend Jaqen, and he immediately changed his mind.

So there you have it. Tyrion's now a murderer, and the show's most powerful character just died on his toilet. We also lost the Hound, Jojen, Shae, and perhaps even more that we've already forgotten about.

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